I'm a digital artist with 17 years of experience in graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, storyboarding, and illustration. Services I provide range from t-shirt design to abstract illustration to character animation and motion graphics.

I've been fortunate to be a recipient of multiple creative awards including an Emmy (2011), Addy (2017, 2016, 2011, 2010, 2004), and Current TV VCAM (2010, 2009). 2015 has been particularly exciting with opportunities to lead animation on segments of the show HitRECord: Season 2, an appearance on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and winner for Best Animation at the Star Wars Celebration's Fan Film Award. I just received a really cool acknowledgement for a film I did for Portland Design Week as Audience Favorite where I actually screened the film in person with the audience.

Currently I work as an animator and I also just wrapped up a teaching career (for now) in Ridgefield High School, Washington. Previously, I taught fine arts, graphic design, yearbook, and photography. Prior to moving back to the Pacific Northwest (my original home), I was an art director for Santy Advertising and a freelance graphic designer in Phoenix, Arizona.